Flying V: We're Gonna Die 


"Backed by four-piece rock band, has a sure instinct for creating contemplative moods onstage, the simple-seeming stories gently open your spirit. Then the show rocks out."

The Washington Post

Monumental Theatre Company: Daddy Long Legs


"(The pit) sounds like a small symphony orchestra, never overpowering the singers, just providing sumptuous underscoring for the voices."



Monumental Theatre Company: Brooklyn

"Music Director Marika Countouris is strong with her expert vocal direction (and performance), but additionally with keeping the non-stop music rocking."

Broadway World DC

"The music itself turns effortlessly from arias to lullabies. Their singing voices deliver every note in the score with fire, precision, and virtuosity."

DC Metro Theater Arts

""Led by Musical Director Marika Countouris, this ensemble of just eight creates the sounds of a choir 80 strong and the soulful, raw emotional expression of eight archangels pouring out divinity on the holiest night of the year.


Countouris captures an emotional thread early on; it is a thread of raw need that wends its way seamlessly through each of the musical numbers"


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