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"brooklyn's more than a name, it's a way of life"

One more weekend of Brooklyn!

"The musical talent that is featured in Monumental Theatre Company’s Brooklyn is beyond description in the most incredibly sensational sense imaginable. Led by Musical Director Marika Countouris, this ensemble of just eight creates the sounds of a choir 80 strong and the soulful, raw emotional expression of eight archangels pouring out divinity on the holiest night of the year. Countouris captures an emotional thread early on; it is a thread of love and challenge, sacrifice and understanding; it is a thread of raw need that wends its way seamlessly through each of the musical numbers, tying the story together into one astonishing theatrical quilt. Countouris showcases superb skill when it comes to handling tempo and style shifts in the music, aligning the emotional verve not only with the lyrics and the verve but with Targete’s energetically charged choreography.

The City Weeds (Marika Countouris, Ashley K. Nicholas, Topher Williams) are bursting up through the cement of the ensemble like wild flowers, ripping their roots into the ground of the music and blossoming through the theatricality and musicality of each number. These three talented individuals have moments all their own and often create that extraordinarily unique surround-sound experience when they are dispersed among the audience, pouring their sound into group numbers from amid, among, and even behind audience seating."


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